ANSI Centrifugal Pumps

The array of ANSI centrifugal pumps is used for domestic and commercial purposes. The valuable features such as compact structure, low vibration, constant flow rate etc., make these pumps ideal to transport the liquid in different systems through the pipes. ANSI centrifugal pumps can also be used in various process applications. These pumps have the capability to handle variety of challenging pumping applications. The durable and exclusive designs are carried out as per the industry standards and offers cost-effective solution.

ANSI B73.1 standard pumps include centrifugal pumps of horizontal end-suction single-stage and centerline design which boasts high performance, stringent quality standards and finest materials of construction.

Out of its huge repertoire of pumps & motors, Rotech’s ANSI centrifugal pumps are most popular among industries worldwide because of their dimensional interchangeability between its parts, easy to installation & maintenance and competitive cost.

  1. Economical designs with rapid priming time
  2. Occupies less space
  3. Interchangeable Parts
  4. Easy Retrofit

Rotech’s ANSI centrifugal pumps come in wide array of materials for corrosive and non-corrosive fluids. In addition, these pumps are available with different flow rate, pressure and horse power to suit different applications. Rotech’s domestic and international network and dedicated after- sales team will ensure that your business meets targeted goals with right support.

Close Coupled ANSI Pumps 1296 Series

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Rotech’s 1296 series close coupled ANSI pumps boast an economical and compact design which enables easy installation. These pumps directly connect the motor shaft to the pump and thus, eliminating the requirement of shaft couplings. This entire design of Rotech’s 1296 series close coupled ANSI pumps makes interchangeability of parts easier.

Ansi Low Flow Process Pumps 1196LF series are premium quality, manufactured in North America and 100% interchangeable with other OEM brands including Goulds® 3196™ ,Peerless 8196LF and many other popular make pumps.

The pumps have special designed of casings and impellers to offer low flow application. Rest of parts of pumps including power frames are completely interchangeable with other pump series like 1196 and 1796 series pumps.

Rotech’s 1196 Series ANSI chemical process pumps are designed to handle corrosive fluid handling applications. These process pumps are supplied with open impeller and used for heavy duty applications as per industry standard ANSI B73.1. ANSI chemical pump series has wide range of sizes. 1196 series ANSI pumps made in investment cast offers aesthetic look and better efficiency.

ANSI chemical process pump has semi open impeller.

Pump type and description

ANSI chemical process pumps of 1196 series possess volute casing, centerline top discharge, self venting, foot mounted, single stage, back pull-out design, Semi open impeller and external adjustment to maintain performance. These pumps are designed to meet ANSI/ASME B73.1 standards for chemical process pumps by incorporating the latest technology to satisfy the most stringent requirements of the industry.

ANSI pumps have a wide range of pump sizes and their parts are interchangeable within particular frame sizes. Stuffing box cover is available in small bore and big bore sizes to accommodate different fluid application. Mechanical seal is installed in stuffing box cover to restrict fluid to leak from the pump.


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