Ansi Low Flow Process Pumps 1196LF series are premium quality, manufactured in North America and 100% interchangeable with other OEM brands including Goulds® 3196™ ,Peerless 8196LF and many other popular make pumps.

The pumps have special designed of casings and impellers to offer low flow application. Rest of parts of pumps including power frames are completely interchangeable with other pump series like 1196 and 1796 series pumps.

  1. Concentric (Circular) Casing
  2. Radial Vane Impeller
  3. R-Series Power Ends
  4. Standard bore, Large Bore and Taper bore Stuffing Box
  5. Back Pull-out Design
  6. Parts Interchangeable with Rotech Model 1196
  7. External Impeller Adjustment
  8. Easy Retrofit

Pumps are ANSI centrifugal end suction frame mounted pumps, designed for pumping corrosive fluid handling applications. These ANSI pumps are semi-open and designs for heavy duty application.

  1. Petrochemical
  2. Paint
  3. Refineries
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Hot Oil
  6. Ethanol Plant
  7. Food Plant
  8. Sugar Industries
  9. Pharmaceuticals
  10. Effluent Treatment Plant
  11. Waste and Water Treatment Plant

  1. Capacities to 220 GPM (50 m3/h)
  2. Heads to 925 feet (282 m)
  3. Temperatures to 700°F (371°C)
  4. Pressures to 450 PSIG (3102 kPa)

  1. Brochure
  2. Manual

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