1. Where are these products manufactured?
  2. Do you carry your products in stock? Where is your warehouse or distribution centre?
  3. DNJ/DN Close coupled and Frame Mounted centrifugal Pumps are DIN Metric standards or in ANSI standard ?
  4. Are your 1196 series ANSI Process pumps are interchangeable with Any Popular Make?
  5. Do you carry pump spare parts in stock?
  6. Are you seals are replaceable with John Crane, Flow serve, Burgman , Roten seals?How many types of Mechanical seals and up to what size you carry in stock?
  7. What is Ball check valve? Where it is used? Do you carry in stock up to what size?
  8. Do you manufacture pumps your own and you distribute pumps?
  9. What is your take on quality products?
  10. What is warranty on your pumps? How do you service your pumps?
  11. Why should we buy your pumps, Valves, mechanical seals as there are plenty of other suppliers around?
  12. I have odd ball mechanical seal and I cannot find the similar mechanical seals. Can you help?
  13. I have existing mechanical seal installed in pump but it doesn't work. Can you suggest any mechanical seal?
  14. Can you design and supply mechanical seal based on pump application?



1A.    Rotech Pumps & Systems Inc has assembly plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We assemble pumps here in Canada and supply to our customers.

2A.  Rotech carries a large amount of inventory in Mississauga ,Ontario.
Pump models  DN,DNJ,RST,ANSI,RVI80 more than 300 pumps up to size 8" Suction x 6" Discharge, Ball check valves : 600 pieces valves  ( 3100 series NPT threaded 1” to 3” and 5100 series Flanged from 2” to size  10".
Mechanical seals : from ½” to size 5" in Imperial and from 12mm to 80mm in metric in more than 50 various types.

3A. DN/DNJ Series Pumps are in Imperial sizes and flanges sizes are in ANSI 150#. These pumps are standard End suction Centrifugal Pumps but do not conform to ANSIB73.1 standard. However, Our 1196 Series, 1196 LF,1796 series Pumps are ANSI process Pumps and conforms to ANSI B73.1 standard.


4A. Yes, Rotech 1196 Series Pumps are ANSI Process Pumps conforms to ANSI B73.1 standard. Pumps are replaceable with Popular Make Gould 3196, peerless 8196, Summit 2196 and others.

5A. Yes, we carry large amount of Pumps and parts in stock. We have warehouse location in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and we are looking for a warehouse location in USA.

6A.Rotech seals are replaceable with John Crane, Flow serve, Burgmann, Roten and other popular make seals. We carry more than 50 types of seals. We can also supply customized seals depending upon customers' requirement. Normally, we carry seals up to 5" in Imperial and 80mm in metric. we carry more than 10000 seals in stock.

7A. Ball check valve is Non Return Type of valve. The valve comes with Rubber Ball instead of Flapper in Conventional Check valve. This valve has many benefits over conventional check valves. It is generally used in waste and water, sewage and others. We carry NPT threaded connection valves up to 3" in stock and flanged connections up to 10" in stock. We carry more than 600 pieces in stock.

8A. Rotech manufacture some of the pumps its own. Rotech also distributes some of the products which it doesn't manufacture.

9A.We are committed to supply quality products to our customers. Our quality control department make sure that every product is best in quality and free from any manufacturing defects.

10A. we offer 1 year unconditional warranty on Pumps for the manufacturing defects.

11A. Rotech is committed to supply best quality products at minimum lead time and competitive pricing. We believe this is what customer wants. Moreover, we stand behind our products. We believe in customer satisfaction. We are satisfied until customers are.

12A We can offer solution to your seal problems. We can make seals based on your sample or we can offer seals which can work.

13A Yes, we can offer solution to your mechanical seal problems. We can suggest any substitute seals or we can design and make new seals.

14A  Yes, we can design and supply mechanical seals based on application.