Self Priming Trash Pumps

Rotech Pumps are known and reputed suppliers for finest self priming trash pumps. These pumps are extremely beneficial for wastewater and trash treatment systems. Being easy to maintain and reliable in nature, these pumps can be readily installed in place Gorman Rupp T & U series pumps at competitive price.

What are self priming trash pumps?

The manufacturing of self priming pumps is primarily done for ensuring that huge volumes of water that is accompanied with waste material such as sand or mud is properly maintained without the need of external assistance. Moreover, such pumps can be obtained in different types and models; thus negating the need of additional systems for priming.

Though the concept may sound simple for these pumps, the design is reliant of numerous years put in terms of skilled and technical work to create an engineering wonder. These pumps are also sometimes referred to as horizontal centrifugal or horizontal self priming trash pumps. The design is such that is works above the ground in safe and clean locations.

  1. Requires very low maintenance
  2. No need to disturb piping for installation
  3. External assistance not required for functioning
  4. Horizontal as well as vertical installation possible
  5. Long life
  6. Scalability guaranteed
  7. Motor shaft mounted impeller to minimize any run out
  8. Mechanical seals supplied with pumps
  9. Cost effective solution

The Rotech advantage

There are many companies dealing in pumps that will claim to render excellent benefits; however, with the amount of experience and a commendable track record for providing excellence is service, Rotech Pumps is the undisputed leader in this regards. We ensure that whatever is supplied from our end has our own mark of quality and high service standards. This is what has gained us reputation over the years.

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