What To Know Before You Buy A Trash Pump?

What are Sewage Pumps/ Trash Pumps and why are they important?

Sewage pumps form a vital part of the drainage systems in residential and commercial properties. Efficient and well-functioning sewage pumps are required to save homes and businesses from having overflowing and foul smelling waste entering their premises. In the most basic sense, sewage pumps or trash pumps are heavy-duty pumps. They are specifically designed to handle situations of dewatering. Dewatering is a process of removal of water that contains a large amount of trash. It could include solid materials such as mud, dirt, leaves, rocks, and more. Trash pumps are used to transfer municipal and industrial wastewater and many other applications.

Trash pumps or sewage pumps come in a variety of models, sizes and features. When properly setup and maintained, they are even capable of high levels of throughput. The throughput could range from hundreds of litres per minute to even more. One of the unique features of sewage pumps is the ability to run dry i.e. while being empty of liquids without getting damaged.

An Introduction To Self-Priming Trash Pumps

Self Priming Pumps
– SCP/SFP Series
Self Priming Trash Pumps
– SPT/SPU series

A special type of trash pump is the Self-Priming pump which can begin its operations without the need for a manual intervention. Some additional features of self-priming pump include providing useful information like gauges that can determine pressure, availability of variable speed settings, backup power options etc. Some of these trash pumps even consist of a slurry gate which can dilute the difficult loads with additional water.

Self-Priming Trash Pumps Applications

Self priming trash pumps are designed for commercial and industrial applications that require waste water drainage, storm water, industrial wastes, processing of high-volume liquid transfer, construction, mining, paper manufacturers, dry dock applications, in manufacturing basic products, batch mixing, agitation and recirculation etc.

Features of Self-Priming Trash Pumps:

  1. The self-priming trash pumps by Rotech Pumps are extremely easy to operate.
  2. Self-primers are very easy to install providing customers with low life cycle costs.
  3. These pumps come with a number of unique features to make maintenance and repair cost effective and simple. This will in turn reduce downtime and save your money.
  4. These pumps are usually available at an affordable price.
  5. Some companies even offer flexible coupling that reduces shaft stress. This gives longer pump life and keeps them running for years.

How to choose a trash pump?

Before choosing a trash pump you should enquire which company provides the best possible flow rate. It ensures maximization of water removal. When choosing one of these trash pumps, you must also consider the power of each appliance. Pump specialists and maintenance engineers alike recommend selecting Trash pumps that are dependable and efficient. You can research all the sewage pumps available on the market or online and find one that seems a perfect fit.

Trash pumps that can have more features and can operate for more hours cost more. Hence, before purchasing one, define your budget first. This will avoid wastage of money on additional features that are not even required. Look for online catalogues and compare their prices. Once you have considered all the factors, you must get in touch with a pumps supplier with whom you can discuss your budget and requirements. They can then provide you with a list of options suiting your commercial or residential needs and then help you with the installation and maintenance.