Ball Check Value Product

Types Of Ball Check Value Products

Rotech Ball Check Valve principally works as a Non-Return valve. The difference between conventional ball check and Rotech Ball check valve is Rotech use free floating Rubber coated Ball instead flapper inside the valve body.These Ball check valves are installed in Discharge piping.

When the Pump starts the free floating Ball moves the cavity of Valve body which allows the flow to pass through without any obstacles. When the pump stops; the Ball moves to its original position due to the back pressure of liquid and seals on the valve seat.

Ball Check Valves are usually installed in the water and wastewater, sewage etc... These valves are utilized to maintain the line pressure in them when pumps are inactive. They also help in preventing the main supply of material from becoming contaminated by back flowing material.

Rotech Pumps & Systems Inc. is considered as one of the most trusted Ball Check Valves manufacturers. It supplies their customers with quality Ball Check Valves, offers NPT and flanged connections such as NPT Threaded 3100 Series and Flanged 5100 Series. These Ball Check Valves are equivalent to the products of the renowned company of FLOMATIC such as 208 series threaded Ball Check Valves and 408 & 508 series Ball Check Valves and HDL such as 2030 NPT threaded Ball Check Valves and 5087 Flanged Ball Check Valves. Catering to the requirements of diverse applications and customers’ needs, Rotech offers these check valves at a competitive price and minimum lead time.



Head Loss

(Pressure Drop)

Low due to light, free flowing rubber ball, without causing any interference, resulting in lower power consumption (Frictionless)

High due to interference of the heavy hinge/disc mechanism with the flow resulting in higher power consumption.

Perfect Sealing The Sealing face is deposit free since it remains inclined in any position of the valve, ensuring perfect sealing (Dropless).

Deposits on sealing face due to its flatness may not ensure perfect sealing.

Solid Handling Capacity Clear Passage equal to the nominal valve dia ., gives larger solid handling capacity.

The above interference leaves a clear passage less than the nominal valve dia. Hence similar solid handling capacity.

Self Cleaning Any deposits formed on the ball and in the valve passage are removed due to the rolling of the ball in operation.

No Such possibility

Non-Clogging Nature No moving parts other than the free rolling ball, hence no jamming/clogging.

Moving parts may jam due to deposits.

Applications Unlimited ideal for slurries,sewage,viscous erosive and corrosive liquids.

Limited Trouble some for slurries,sewage & viscous liquids.

Maintenance Abrasion resistance of rubber ensures longer life. Also the clean out port does not necessitate valve removal from the pipeline. Hence much shorter down time.

Parts may wear out due to abrasion. Also valve has to be removed from the pipeline for maintenance/cleaning. Hence longer down time.