Lobe Pumps – L100 series

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Rotech Pumps & System’s L100 series of Lobe Pumps are intricately designed to provide reliable performance, trouble-free operation and maximum energy efficiency. As these pumps provide excellent sanitary quality and corrosion resistance, they are perfect for handling fluids, of either low or high viscosity.

Operating Principle:

As the lobes rotate, the space on the suction side increases as one lobe is distanced from another, thus creating a partial vacuum which draws the fluid into the pump chamber.

As they are rotated by the shafts, each lobe is consecutively filled and the fluid is displaced to the delivery side. The small gaps between the lobes and the walls of the pump body ensure that the spaces are duly filled.

The pump housing is completely filled and the fluid escapes through the teeth of the lobes and is forced against the walls of the spaces, which contributes to the pump action.